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About Us

Getting to Know Our Legal Team

When it comes to immigration, you need a legal team you can count on. Your attorneys must know the ins-and-outs of the United States immigration system and must be prepared to help you navigate a complex bureaucracy so that you can establish a home for yourself or your loved ones in the United States.

Dorsett & Zapata, PLLC has the experience to offer you immigration advice and the skill to successfully handle your immigration case. Our firm started with the promise of providing clients with personalized one-on-one attention that only a boutique firm can offer. At the same time, our legal team has significant collective experience with one of the largest immigration law firms in the country.

You can benefit from the breadth and scope of our “big firm” experience. We are here to assist you with simple and complex immigration issues and also provide you with the caring and compassionate legal representation you deserve.

How Dorsett & Zapata, PLLC Helps With Immigration Issues

Dorsett & Zapata, PLLC provides a wide range of assistance with immigration issues, including visitor or tourist visas, business and family-based immigration, removal defense, residency, citizenship, and more. Whether your goal is to live temporarily or permanently within the United States, we offer you the assistance you need to evaluate your immigration options and learn how to obtain legal status.

Our legal team is here to provide advice on different visas and on the process of becoming a permanent resident or citizen. One of our immigration attorneys will analyze the specific facts of your case, review all necessary documentation, determine the best possible legal strategy for you, represent you in front of immigration officials and judges, and prepare all required applications and petitions.

Our services are available to individuals coming to the United States, to families and businesses who want to sponsor relatives or workers for visas, and to those who are in the U.S. and want to pursue a path towards immigration status or defend their right to stay in the United States.

Our Firm Promise

Dorsett & Zapata, PLLC was founded by experienced “big firm” attorneys who wanted to provide boutique-firm, personal service to clients. We understand that immigration issues matter to families and companies. The immigration process can change your life, can change your future, and can shape your family for generations to come.

“The immigration process can change your life, can change your future, and can shape your family for generations to come.”

We want to ensure that you have the chance to fulfill your potential and take advantage of all the opportunities the United States has to offer, and we believe you need an attorney who will act as your advocate. Our promise to you is to be that advocate, offering committed representation and the knowledgeable legal advice you need.

Getting Help From an Immigration Attorney

Dorsett & Zapata, PLLC is available today to help with all of your immigration issues. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help you.